About us

Inspired by the undiminished strength and ever increasing beauty of nature’s most dynamic creation: the woman - Malook is determined to emerge as the face of today’s woman for everlasting times to come. With the essence of femininity within the core of our heart, we at Malook strive to dress and portray our women as the strength of our existence, the center of our society and the most reliable form of humanity.
Malook might seem to be a fresh venture; however, our values and aspirations are rooted in centuries of old culture, and modern day design and technique. Our timeless creations are a rich amalgam of the dynamic today, yet a torch bearer of our kaleidoscopic past. Our cuts are customed to suit the needs of women in whatever role they cherish and choose. We flaunt our magical women with demure flairs, feminine finishes and at the same time adding that Avant grade innovation which has already created a distinct niche for Malook.
Our delicately crafted creations embody a striking fusion of East and West. Malook is bold to embrace and carry on with the time tested foundations laid by our traditional form of women’s wear. Adding bold contrasts of the West to our wonderful traditions has provided today’s woman apparel choices which are a class apart, yet within a hand’s reach. We focus on style and fashion in a manner that provides a range of diverse choices in timeless fabrics, modern textures, vintage patterns and a unique palette of color influences.
We understand the need of times. Our pret wear is an appealing mix of art and tradition. Modern yet reflective of our traditions, striking and beautiful. Talk about the most endearingly beautiful form of a woman, and we take our brides to a fashion ride to the moon and back! Classic and chic, demure and confident- just perfect for a beaming new future!
Quality is our trait and attention to detail is a way of life at Malook. Every single design, fabric, cut, color and finish has to pass through the expert gaze of our founder, Shazia Ovais. Accompanied with an ever enthusiastic team of brilliant designers, tailors, seamsters, marketing and media professionals, Shazia continues to lead Malook to far and wide. With our satisfied customers across the globe, Malook is always on the look out for the next better and unique in the world of women’s fashion.
Just like the name suggests, Malook is inspired by the magnificence and majesty of mountains, yet has a heart that is full of passion and warmth. Our product is in the form of women’s wear, at the same time we are well-aware of our social responsibilities irrespective of any races, cast and creed. We support charities involved with providing education and welfare especially for women and children. Our belief is contributing and returning to the benefit of our society.
Malook is a celebration of life! Malook is here to stay – with you!